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Pet Friendly Nantucket!pet travel to nantucket

travel with dog in taosDealing with Heat cont.

• Nantucket's Leash Law states no on in the Town limits should walk their dog without a leash, although many people do, risking car accidents and run-ins with the wild deer

Tick Awareness is very important in Nantucket as cases have been reported of tick-borne illness, and the Nantucket Conservation Foundation Tick has a great webpage - Awareness Link

Horses use the trails here! Be careful off-leash on trails here as even the calmest of dogs can have a bad reaction to a larger and unknown creature

• Swallowing Salt Water and eating sand - make sure you bring enough fresh water for your pup! My dog prefers drinking as she swims, so I always bring a tons of fresh water so she doesn't get dehydrated from the salt water, vomit, and/or get "Beach Diarrhea"

Swimmer's Tail - dogs can actually sprain their tails after a day of swimming; signs are a limp tail with excessive pain at the base that might need medication

Salty paws can cause interdigital dermatitis, irritated, inflamed swin between their toes; rinse off feet after a beach trip and check at night for red or raw skin, if your dog has any signs skip the sand for a day or two or else see a vet!

• Never do "The Nantucket Dog Walk," running your dog alongside your car on trails or beaches; always run with your dog or bikeif they need extra energy! - Leash Stays and Dog Bicycle Safety Devices

• If a Deer or seal feels threatened, it will fight with a dog, so make sure to be aware of the wildlife in the areas where you let your dog off-leash.





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